Foxglove Before and After

Last September we caught Margie Brown, Minute Man’s Natural & Cultural Resource Manager, on her way to plant foxglove in the Buttrick Gardens. Thanks to her hard work, we were treated to a magnificent display of purple and yellow foxgloves this year.

Foxglove produces tall stalks with bell-shaped flowers. They are a favorite with pollinators like bees and hummingbirds, both of which we recently saw in the sunken garden!

Written by Kathleen D. Fahey, Executive Director, Friends of Minute Man National Park.

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Images above, left to right: Margie Brown on her way to plant foxglove in the Buttrick Gardens in September 2022. Close-up of purple foxglove in late June 2023.

Images above left to right: Yellow foxglove with catmint visible in the background. Purple foxglove with delphinium visible in the background. Image below: Local artists draw inspiration for their plein-air painting from the foxglove, peonies, delphinium, and catmint in the sunken garden of the Buttrick Gardens.