Patriots’ Day 2024

Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, reenactors, law enforcement, donors, and sponsors who made Patriots’ Day 2024 a success!

As we moved closer to the 250th anniversary, there was a special sense of excitement as thousands of visitors joined this year’s week-long festivities. While historic flooding canceled a few programs, it didn’t dampen our revolutionary spirit! We debuted our new 250th logo, greeted visitors at the Meriam House, watched the colonial militia engage the British troops along Battle Road, solemnly lit our candles at the Patriot Vigil, and followed the “Revolution in Real Time” on social media. The four-mile Battle Road hike, which allowed participants to follow in the footsteps of the ill-fated British Column, was enjoyed by a sell-out crowd.

We look forward to commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the first battle of the American Revolution with you all year long – no matter where you live. Join our newsletter and stay up-to-date on in-person and online opportunities to share in the commemorations.

Thank you to National Park Service staff, Friends of Minute Man staff, and volunteers for their photo submissions!

Written by Kathleen D. Fahey, Executive Director, Friends of Minute Man National Park.

Battle Road Reenactments

Patriot Vigil

Meriam Open House and Town of Concord Meriam Exercises

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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