Dashing Devons

Minute Man National Historical Park is delighted to host Red Devon cattle from Codman Community Farms (CCF) in Lincoln, MA. The heritage herd of yearlings (one-year olds) arrived in mid-May and are located at the fields next to Noah Brooks Tavern along Rt. 2A in Lincoln. The cattle are grazing the historic fields and will travel home to the CCF in the winter. A crew from the CCF moves the cattle around the pasture every 2-3 days as part of rotational grazing management, a sustainable method that ensures both animal and pasture health.

Red Devons are an ancient beef-type breed that hails from southwestern England and is known for their light to rich red or chestnut color. According to the folks at Codman Community Farm, “Red Devon’s are an old hardy breed which thrive on grass and living outdoors.” The Red Devons are replacing the previous aging herd which dwindled down to 4 cows and retired earlier this year.

To view, drive along Rt. 2A (North Great Road) and keep a lookout as you approach the Noah Brooks Tavern in Lincoln, see park map. Parking is available at the Brooks Village parking lot across the street but please don’t cross the busy roadway. It’s best to enjoy the herd from afar, as there is an electric fence on the property to keep the animals from straying onto the busy roadway.

To learn more about the busy birthing season for Red Devon at Codman Community Farms, click here.

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