Driving By Miss Daisy

Daisy the Highland cow at Minute Man National Park

Check out the shaggy cows at the Minute Man National Historical Park! Grazing along the Rt. 2A Battle Road, Daisy, Autumn, and Holly are evocative of the many animals that would have been present in the landscape at the time of the American Revolution. Daisy and friends are housed at the Park thanks to a cooperative agreement with the Codman Community Farms. Breeds include the Highland, Highland/Dexter cross, and a Randall Lineback

To view, drive along Rt. 2A (North Great Road) and keep a look out as you approach the Noah Brooks Tavern in Lincoln, see park map. Parking is available at the Brooks Village parking lot across the street but please don’t cross the busy roadway. It’s best to enjoy the herd from afar, as there is an electric fence on the property to keep the animals from straying onto the busy roadway.

To learn more about the colonial landscape and husbandry, read “The Great Meadow: Farmers and the Land in Colonial Concord” by Brian Donahue. To view an excerpt, click here.

Autumn, Holly, and Like are heritage cattle at Minute Man National Park.

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