Sssurveying Amphibians and Reptiles

Minute Man National Historical Park, UMass Boston, and the Town of Concord are interested in learning what kinds of reptiles and amphibians live at Barrett’s Mill Farm.

As you walk the trails, you may notice some large sheets of metal and wood lying on the ground. These are NOT litter! These are called coverboards, and they are imperative to our surveying methods. Amphibians and reptiles seek shelter under these boards, and by examining them once a month, we can see what resides underneath them and in this park.

Please do not remove, touch, flip, or otherwise disturb these boards. The more times they are disturbed, the less likely animals are to use them.

Minute Man is a designated place with multiple projects on iNaturalist, an online citizen science database. Help the park track all wild species (mammals, birds, insects, plants, etc.) and behavior by adding your observations to iNaturalist.

Click here to learn more about amphibians at Minute Man National Historical Park.

Image: Garter Snake at Minute Man National Historical Park by Kiah Walker.

Kathleen D. Fahey, Executive Director, Friends of Minute Man National Park