Steward Spotlight: Liam and Liam

If you visited the Park this spring, you may have met Liam…or Liam. Liam Donahue and Liam Beguhn have been inspecting and caring for the park’s landscapes throughout the spring. Both Liams agree, “Working at Minute Man NHP is very enjoyable, visitors and staff are very friendly and always express their appreciation for our work.”

A recent graduate of Dickinson College, a history major, and a Brighton resident, Liam Donahue arrived at Minute Man in early April to assist in managing the Buttrick Garden hardscape improvements. The garden project began in April with the restoration of the brick walkways. With experience as a crew leader and assistant forestry manager at Land’s Sake Farm in Weston, Donahue reflects on his role at Minute Man NHP. “I have spent a lot of time in the park in the past, but now I appreciate the complexity of managing a historic landscape. I am learning a lot, gaining valuable skills, and working here is very enjoyable.” In June, Liam is headed back to Land’s Sake to serve as a Camp Educator.

A Concord resident, Liam Beguhn began volunteering at the park in 2018 with an interest in biodiversity and assisted with a BioBlitz that summer. Three years later, Beguhn has contributed greatly to improving the ecological health of the park. Liam reflects, “Initially I thought of a park as simply a place for trails, now I see it as home to thousands of species and recognize the importance of preserving its ecological health.” In June, Liam is headed west to attend the US Air Force Academy in Colorado.

Hailing them as two exceptional stewards of the park, Natural & Cultural Resource Manager Margie Brown notes, “Working with Liam and Liam has been a delight—we have accomplished a lot with a focus on our larger goals of historic preservation and ecological health” While both Liams are embarking on new ventures in June, each has established a life-long connection with the park by protecting its resources, planting trees, rescuing plants from invasive vines, and improving cultural and natural landscape areas.”

Image from left to right: Liam Beguhn and Liam Donahue in the Buttrick Gardens.

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